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Racing Schedule

Race Entries & Fees Close – 8:30am

Track Closed For Final Preparation - 8:30am

Drivers Meeting – 8:40am

Racing Starts – 9:00am

If a Points round is cancelled due to weather, the scheduled round will be dropped from the points series and does not count towards a drivers 'Dropped Round' count

A race day may be cancelled by the Friday 6pm before the race day due to weather conditions ( Rain or 37'c heat )

Classes we will be running this year are:


We will be using a staggered point system. See the Championship Ladder for its description

Novice Championship will only be for the Junior Stock class (2WD Buggy stock)

Tie Breaks will be resolved with the following rules
The most 1st places will decide the winner.
If this is equal, the most 2nd places will decide the winner.
Placing’s are continued to be compared (3rd, 4th etc.) until a winner is found.
If after all places have been compared and the drivers are still tied, a tie will be awarded.

In the event of a class having less than 4 drivers turn up, the remaining paying members will recieve the lowest amount of points possible and their cars be merged in with another class.
If 3 members, all 3 will get third. If 2 members, both will get Second. If only one member that lucky driver will still get First points.

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