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ARCR Championship Meet 6 Complete!

Despite Andy's highly optimstic weather forcasts, we had a shakey start as after race 2 the rain came in. It was only light but relenting. We lost about a 1/2 hour in the end, but after that, the weather was perfect.
We also had one of our largest entries this time around, over 48 drivers or so, and passing the 60 mark for entries. Well done guys, keep it coming!

Once again Travis Bull was on hand to capture the action in real time.
All finals videos are available here at his YouTube Channel

Racing was 5 min races with three qualifiers and two mains .

Results follow

Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Sam Ivanoff (TQ) 12/5m14.129s 11/5m5.833s 11/5m11.452s 11/5m3.652s(1) 12/5m27.363s(1) 2
2nd Jess May (Q3) 9/4m58.317s 9/4m57.006s 8/5m1.707s 10/5m26.042s(2) 8/4m45.267s(5) 7
3rd Megan Young (Q5) 8/5m0.922s 9/5m4.695s 9/5m8.807s 9/5m18.506s(5) 9/5m1.146s(2) 7
4th Mathew Mertin (Q6) 9/5m18.131s 7/5m4.312s 8/4m52.399s 9/5m1.533s(4) 9/5m1.245s(3) 7
5th Layla Wigzell (Q7) 9/5m21.172s 3/1m37.502s 8/5m24.705s 8/5m8.822s(6) 9/5m30.752s(4) 10
6th Cameron Nuske (Q2) 11/5m4.025s 11/5m25.343s 11/5m13.227s 10/5m26.956s(3) 0/0m0.000s(8) 11
7th Liam Bone (Q8) 9/5m25.034s 8/5m22.891s 7/4m57.405s 7/4m42.551s(7) 7/5m2.230s(6) 13
8th Bailey Eming (Q4) 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 9/5m3.995s 1/0m52.210s(8) 0/0m0.000s(8) 16
2WD Buggy A
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Chris P (TQ) 15/5m12.015s 14/5m2.052s 15/5m17.187s 15/5m8.526s(1) 15/5m12.833s(1) 2
2nd Andy Tonero (Q2) 15/5m19.500s 14/5m18.753s 14/5m1.051s 15/5m17.406s(2) 15/5m14.569s(2) 4
3rd Adrian Browne (Q4) 14/5m7.834s 13/5m0.693s 13/5m2.167s 14/5m3.895s(4) 14/5m9.732s(5) 9
4th Troy Mertin (Q7) 13/5m1.921s 14/5m15.654s 14/5m15.515s 14/5m2.041s(3) 14/5m10.086s(6) 9
5th Scott Cameron (Q3) 14/5m0.854s 12/5m9.897s 9/3m14.328s 13/5m8.003s(7) 14/5m5.492s(3) 10
6th Matt Grimmond (Q5) 13/5m3.700s 13/5m9.891s 14/5m13.789s 14/5m19.255s(6) 14/5m5.833s(4) 10
7th Craig Blessing (Q6) 13/4m58.271s 13/5m3.795s 14/5m15.102s 14/5m16.773s(5) 14/5m19.033s(8) 13
8th Dave Uren (Q8) 14/5m16.609s 12/5m19.445s 14/5m22.302s 13/5m15.545s(8) 14/5m18.538s(7) 15
2WD Buggy B
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Phillip Neville (Q9) 13/5m8.163s 13/5m4.004s 14/5m17.484s 13/5m7.060s(2) 14/5m17.689s(2) 4
2nd Trevor May (Q10) 13/5m6.784s 13/5m20.736s 13/5m5.792s 13/5m11.734s(3) 14/5m17.283s(1) 4
3rd Wes Stacey (Q12) 12/5m3.205s 13/5m6.482s 13/5m9.020s 13/5m6.837s(1) 0/0m0.000s(9) 10
4th Terry Squiers (Q14) 13/5m17.364s 13/5m11.434s 3/1m14.099s 13/5m13.311s(4) 12/5m18.942s(6) 10
5th Bevan Richards (Q15) 12/5m6.796s 12/5m6.360s 13/5m13.660s 12/5m16.288s(7) 13/5m10.838s(4) 11
6th Marco Cianfrone (Q11) 13/5m5.926s 13/5m19.807s 9/3m26.682s 0/0m0.000s(9) 14/5m19.907s(3) 12
7th Marcus (Q16) 12/5m9.827s 13/5m16.411s 12/5m4.462s 12/5m1.452s(5) 12/5m24.871s(7) 12
8th Vince D (Q13) 12/5m12.975s 12/5m15.877s 13/5m7.240s 12/5m9.080s(6) 12/5m31.383s(8) 14
9th Brenton Lewis (Q17) 12/5m2.618s 11/4m59.647s 13/5m17.203s 0/0m0.000s(9) 13/5m13.917s(5) 14
2WD Buggy C
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Shane Nuske (Q18) 13/5m26.652s 12/5m17.325s 13/5m26.109s 13/5m0.349s(1) 13/5m9.020s(1) 2
2nd Shayne Mathews (Q20) 11/5m3.802s 12/5m8.910s 12/5m17.579s 13/5m28.429s(4) 13/5m24.564s(2) 6
3rd James Eming (Q21) DNS 12/5m12.608s 12/5m13.972s 13/5m20.822s(3) 11/5m3.509s(5) 8
4th Ben Hunt (Q25) 11/5m8.033s 5/5m12.177s 11/5m20.149s 12/5m15.668s(6) 12/5m10.588s(3) 9
5th Josh Whitbread (Q22) 12/5m20.832s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 13/5m2.823s(2) 1/0m37.337s(9) 11
6th Don Bone (Q19) 12/5m4.998s 11/5m1.021s 12/5m14.782s 12/4m58.597s(5) 2/0m53.451s(8) 13
7th Adam Block (Q24) 0/0m0.000s 11/5m6.500s 11/4m50.106s 11/5m0.824s(9) 12/5m18.634s(4) 13
8th Cameron Nuske (Q23) 11/5m15.893s 11/5m4.321s 12/5m21.783s 12/5m16.033s(7) 10/5m22.010s(7) 14
9th Glen Hill (Q26) 10/5m6.239s 11/5m14.967s 11/5m9.426s 12/5m20.455s(8) 11/5m18.425s(6) 14
2WD ShortCourse A
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Shaun Theil (TQ) 14/5m13.464s 14/5m14.054s 14/5m12.069s 14/5m13.674s(1) 14/5m4.102s(1) 2
2nd Craig Blessing (Q3) 13/5m7.190s 13/5m8.639s 13/5m4.794s 13/5m14.216s(4) 13/5m3.770s(2) 6
3rd Phillip Neville (Q4) 13/5m6.197s 13/5m16.655s 13/5m16.506s 14/5m21.806s(2) 13/5m10.887s(4) 6
4th Travis Bull (Q5) 13/5m10.436s 13/5m19.056s 13/5m12.120s 13/5m20.754s(6) 13/5m6.537s(3) 9
5th Bevan Richards (Q7) 13/5m11.210s 12/5m4.998s 13/5m13.846s 13/5m12.359s(3) 13/5m20.406s(7) 10
6th Kym Goodridge (Q2) 13/5m20.751s 13/5m15.689s 13/5m0.411s 13/5m14.979s(5) 13/5m17.443s(6) 11
7th Terry Wigzell (Q8) 13/5m15.107s 12/5m3.987s 13/5m21.668s 13/5m23.241s(8) 13/5m14.167s(5) 13
8th Wes Stacey (Q6) 13/5m19.098s 13/5m11.081s 13/5m13.180s 13/5m22.464s(7) 0/0m0.000s(8) 15
2WD ShortCourse B
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Symo (Q10) 12/5m0.663s 12/5m5.286s 12/5m9.063s 13/5m8.233s(1) 13/5m7.032s(1) 2
2nd Tim Holton (Q9) 13/5m20.217s 12/5m27.622s 11/5m8.402s 12/5m13.998s(4) 13/5m14.871s(2) 6
3rd Whyatt Wigzell (Q11) 11/5m23.167s 11/5m12.491s 12/5m4.500s 13/5m22.391s(2) 11/5m7.522s(4) 6
4th Ben Hunt (Q12) 12/5m17.840s 12/5m16.233s 12/5m15.348s 12/5m7.117s(3) 12/5m1.866s(3) 6
4WD Buggy A
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Chris P (TQ) 15/5m2.018s 16/5m19.727s 16/5m12.308s 15/5m1.420s(1) 16/5m11.241s(1) 2
2nd Marco Cianfrone (Q3) 15/5m20.413s 15/5m9.345s 15/5m0.233s 15/5m7.882s(2) 16/5m23.091s(3) 5
3rd Nathan (Q6) 14/5m13.302s 15/5m7.452s 12/4m21.290s 15/5m9.585s(4) 15/5m6.323s(4) 8
4th Scott Cameron (Q2) 15/5m5.008s 15/5m4.281s 16/5m18.104s 12/4m10.896s(8) 16/5m17.002s(2) 10
5th Casey Troncone (Q4) 15/5m15.264s 15/5m13.653s 15/5m3.840s 15/5m8.607s(3) 14/5m17.591s(8) 11
6th Lewis Hewett (Q5) 15/5m9.526s 15/5m8.511s 15/5m5.524s 15/5m10.200s(5) 15/5m19.909s(6) 11
7th Mark Lahif (Q8) 15/5m19.035s 7/2m35.867s 15/5m19.591s 15/5m10.917s(6) 15/5m14.573s(5) 11
8th Kym Goodridge (Q7) 15/5m17.400s 15/5m20.705s 15/5m11.963s 15/5m16.539s(7) 14/5m3.331s(7) 14
4WD Buggy B
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Troy McGuire (Q9) 14/5m11.032s 14/5m2.006s 15/5m19.670s 15/5m9.362s(1) 15/5m18.312s(1) 2
2nd Rick Stain (Q10) 14/5m14.231s 14/5m12.878s 15/5m20.311s 14/5m6.612s(2) 14/5m12.547s(2) 4
3rd Jeff Kirby (Q11) 13/5m4.867s 14/5m7.186s 13/5m12.237s 14/5m18.399s(4) 14/5m21.624s(3) 7
4th Sean Robinson (Q12) 13/5m4.486s 13/4m59.998s 13/5m17.230s 14/5m14.781s(3) 0/0m0.000s(6) 9
5th James Eming (Q13) DNS 1/0m25.552s 10/3m52.961s 13/5m13.667s(5) 11/4m53.394s(4) 9
6th Tas Papas (Q14) DNS DNS 9/3m9.857s 7/5m16.859s(6) 0/0m0.000s(6) 12
Stadium Truck A
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Andy Tonero (TQ) 14/5m8.948s 15/5m15.724s 15/5m15.767s 14/5m1.662s(2) 15/5m16.775s(1) 3
2nd Adrian Browne (Q2) 14/5m1.947s 14/5m7.780s 14/5m5.151s 15/5m10.986s(1) 14/5m9.650s(2) 3
3rd Troy Mertin (Q3) 13/5m1.877s 14/5m23.374s 14/5m6.778s 14/5m13.900s(4) 14/5m14.466s(3) 7
4th Casey Troncone (Q4) 14/5m18.413s 14/5m12.331s 14/5m10.519s 14/5m10.509s(3) 13/5m3.639s(4) 7
5th Matt Grimmond (Q8) 13/5m10.186s 13/5m10.269s 13/5m18.449s 13/5m8.989s(6) 13/5m3.868s(5) 11
6th Trevor May (Q5) 13/5m14.371s 14/5m18.360s 13/5m6.480s 13/5m14.740s(7) 13/5m5.803s(6) 13
7th Sean Robinson (Q7) 12/5m10.802s 13/5m3.832s 13/5m1.961s 13/5m4.933s(5) 0/0m0.000s(8) 13
8th Jeff Kirby (Q6) 13/5m18.949s 13/5m19.570s 14/5m25.287s 12/5m12.446s(8) 12/5m11.357s(7) 15
Stadium Truck B
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Symo (Q14) 12/5m15.121s 12/4m58.109s 12/5m13.566s 13/5m8.493s(2) 13/5m19.547s(2) 4
2nd Rick Stain (Q9) 12/5m6.009s 12/5m0.656s 13/5m11.730s 13/5m10.652s(3) 12/5m5.528s(3) 6
3rd Whyatt Wigzell (Q11) 13/5m17.067s 12/5m4.992s 12/5m6.338s 12/5m25.836s(6) 13/5m13.795s(1) 7
4th Daniel Kies (Q12) 12/5m3.505s 13/5m17.230s 12/5m11.765s 14/5m18.867s(1) 0/0m0.000s(7) 8
5th Tom Whitt (Q15) 11/5m18.948s 1/0m24.978s 12/5m9.796s 13/5m29.259s(4) 12/5m7.202s(4) 8
6th Josh Whitbread (Q10) 11/5m12.567s 5/2m1.741s 13/5m12.379s 12/5m2.382s(5) 0/0m0.000s(7) 12
7th Shayne Mathews (Q13) 13/5m22.265s 12/5m16.216s 12/5m22.411s 11/5m1.679s(7) 12/5m13.137s(5) 12

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