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ARCR Christmas Club day Complete!

Well, that was an amazing year we've had. We never expected the success we have had. Good work members, you've made the club what it is!

So Down to the racing. Today we had all our classes running as well as two additional classes, 2WD Vintage/Classic and 4WD Vintage/Classic. Despide low numbers in Vintage, it was still a good event.

The format we ran was heads up racing , best of 5 rounds. We also regraded every round, however I (Jeff) must have done that wrong, as it regraded via laps/time vs placing in the race. However, that didn't stop the racing from being fun and great (it did mean fast drivers raced with fast drivers). It was not for points, so it was really secondary to the day.

Mid way through our fun day the wind really started to pickup, and provided for some hilarious jumps on our tripple, even a landed backflip by Kym (Goody) Goodridge in his 2WD SCT. You can see his effort here, thanks to Michael Carr's hat cam (? ) On Youtube

Tag Racing and Adelaide RC teamed up (pun intended) to bring us a monster feast of drink, steak and snags. Thanks guys and thanks to Brynn and Casey for being our Chef's for the day. I'll fit the bbq with more sand next time so it catches fire less , My bad :)

Around lunch time we also had our Championship lunch letting these babies go

Racing was 5 Heads up races in 'rounds mode'. This mode did not work well results wise but here they are anyways. Points were awarded for placings and DNSers were given last place in that round.

Results follow

Vintage 2WD
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Combined
1st Mark Rogers 14/5m13.711s(1) 14/5m9.408s(1) 13/5m6.734s(1) 14/5m6.090s(1) 14/5m4.208s(1) (5)
2nd Matt Grimmond 13/5m18.747s(2) 13/5m9.179s(2) 0/0m0.000s(5) 13/5m22.348s(2) 13/5m22.260s(2) (13)
3rd Jeff Kirby 12/5m22.257s(3) 2/0m58.576s(4) 11/5m15.896s(2) 12/5m18.484s(3) 12/5m12.048s(3) (15)
4th Brynn Evans DNS(5) 4/2m36.932s(3) 8/5m26.344s(3) 8/5m11.410s(5) 9/5m27.285s(4) (20)
5th James Eming 0/0m0.000s(5) 0/0m0.000s(5) 1/0m46.220s(4) 11/5m14.217s(4) 7/5m8.394s(5) (23)
Vintage 4WD
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Combined
1st Jeff Kirby 13/5m21.078s(1) 13/5m21.498s(1) 12/5m7.352s(1) 12/5m10.228s(1) (4)
2nd James Eming 0/0m0.000s(2) 0/0m0.000s(2) 0/0m0.000s(2) 11/5m19.425s(2) (8)
2WD Buggy
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Combined
1st Mark Rogers 15/5m11.396s(1) 16/5m20.121s(1) 15/5m7.174s(1) 15/5m5.438s(1) 15/5m2.179s(1) (5)
2nd Sean Perry 15/5m18.618s(2) 15/5m8.711s(2) 14/5m8.625s(2) 14/5m3.700s(2) 14/5m14.436s(3) (12)
3rd Brad Squires 13/5m11.232s(5) 15/5m18.261s(3) 13/5m12.596s(7) 14/5m7.160s(3) 13/5m11.949s(5) (23)
4th Terry Squiers 13/5m4.648s(3) 14/5m14.052s(4) 14/5m17.534s(6) 14/5m20.743s(6) 14/5m13.232s(7) (26)
5th Chris P 12/5m5.324s(7) 15/5m19.863s(10) 14/5m9.778s(3) 4/1m35.365s(8) 15/5m20.247s(2) (30)
6th Andrew Gillespie 14/5m15.850s(10) 14/5m15.449s(5) 14/5m11.047s(4) 14/5m10.101s(4) 0/0m0.000s(10) (33)
6th Matt Grimmond 13/5m5.320s(4) 13/5m7.949s(8) 13/5m3.951s(9) 14/5m6.145s(9) 14/5m8.167s(2) (33)
7th Casey Troncone 0/0m0.000s(19) 14/5m12.086s(12) 14/5m11.818s(5) 14/5m12.160s(5) 13/5m12.697s(6) (47)
8th Steve Wesley 13/5m14.518s(14) 14/5m11.239s(11) 12/5m7.411s(8) 12/5m23.313s(8) 0/0m0.000s(10) (50)
9th Anthony Vivani 13/5m4.104s(12) 13/5m18.980s(9) 13/5m14.103s(10) 12/5m5.458s(13) 13/5m0.545s(8) (52)
10th Jack McMillan 13/5m6.996s(13) 14/5m15.928s(6) 12/4m26.842s(13) 13/5m3.152s(11) 0/0m0.000s(10) (53)
10th Vince D 14/5m20.582s(11) 14/5m19.205s(7) 12/5m4.680s(15) 13/5m3.139s(10) 0/0m0.000s(10) (53)
11th Troy McGuire 12/ 5m18.889s(8) 13/ 5m12.520s(14) 12/ 5m 3.261s (14) 12/ 5m 1.208s (12) 0/ 0m 0.000s(10) (58)
12th Kym Nuske 13/ 5m22.542s(6) 13/ 5m 6.520s(13) 12/ 5m11.897s(16) 0/ 0m 0.000s (16) 0/ 0m 0.000s(10) (61)
13th Brenton Lewis 13/5m21.511s(16) 13/5m14.847s(15) 13/5m21.505s(12) 12/5m10.690s(14) 12/5m6.668s(10) (67)
14th Benzaah 13/ 5m15.114s(15) 12/ 5m10.822s(17) 13/ 5m18.287s (11) 11/ 4m58.222s(15) 0/ 0m 0.000s(10) (68)
15th Rich Touhy 13/ 5m15.114s(18) 13/ 5m21.271s (16) 13/ 5m17.435s(17) 12/ 5m 0.377s(17) 0/ 0m 0.000s(10) (78)
16th Shane Nuske 12/ 5m17.330s(17) 11/ 5m 7.110s(18) 12/ 5m10.204s (19) 12/ 5m 2.319s (18) 0/ 0m 0.000s(10) (82)
17th Brynn Evans DNS(19) DNS(19) 12/5m3.697s(18) 10/5m15.162s(19) 13/5m4.866s(9) (84)
18th Dave Piney DNS(19) DNS(19) 8/ 4m51.926s(20) 9/ 4m56.411s(20) 0/ 0m 0.000s(10) (88)
19th Reece Schaefer 13/ 5m15.114s(119) DNS(19) 0/ 0m 0.000s (21) 0/ 0m 0.000s (21) 0/ 0m 0.000s (10) (90)
2WD ShortCourse
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Combined
1st Matt Schneider 13/5m2.237s(1) 13/5m2.834s(2) 13/5m14.581s(1) 0/0m0.000s(7) (4)
2nd Troy Mertin 13/5m20.874s(4) 14/5m21.531s(1) 12/5m16.491s(3) 0/0m0.000s(7) (8)
3rd Wes Stacey 13/5m20.059s(3) 13/5m5.497s(3) 12/5m24.072s(4) 0/0m0.000s(7) (10)
4th Travis Bull 13/5m24.767s(5) 12/5m15.902s(6) 12/5m29.524s(6) 12/5m16.886s(2) (19)
4th Kym Goodridge 12/5m1.079s(6) 12/5m9.506s(4) 12/5m3.418s(2) 0/0m0.000s(7) (19)
5th Rick Tuohy 12/5m28.520s(7) 12/5m14.394s(5) 11/5m20.902s(7) 12/5m16.758s(1) (20)
6th Michael Carr 13/5m16.628s(2) 0/0m0.000s(7) 12/5m24.254s(5) 0/0m0.000s(7) (21)
4WD Buggy
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Combined
1st Chris P 16/5m12.624s(1) 16/5m7.003s(1) 15/5m7.000s(3) 16/5m9.898s(1) 16/5m13.770s(1) (7)
4th Casey Troncone 15/5m9.468s(3) 15/5m12.430s(6) 15/5m9.162s(4) 15/5m17.331s(4) 11/4m1.201s(4) (21)
3rd Sean Perry 10/3m24.003s(8) 15/5m4.587s(9) 16/5m18.497s(1) 16/5m13.967s(2) 15/5m4.673s(2) (22)
2nd Lewis Hewett 15/5m1.944s(10) 15/5m11.219s(5) 15/5m10.827s(5) 15/5m7.687s(3) 15/5m5.586s(3) (26)
7th Brad Squires 15/5m2.257s(2) 5/1m52.496s(7) 15/5m14.916s(6) 15/5m20.169s(5) 0/0m0.000s(8) (28)
6th Marco Cianfrone 15/5m14.928s(4) 15/5m2.726s(3) 14/5m9.705s(7) 15/5m26.544s(7) 0/0m0.000s(8) (29)
6th Mark Rogers 15/ 5m 1.177s(9) 16/ 5m 7.068s(2) 15/ 5m 0.787s(2) 0/0m0.000s(11) 0/0m0.000s(8) (32)
6th Matt Schneider 15/ 5m18.316s(5) 15/ 5m 2.965s(4) 13/ 5m16.639s(8) 0/0m0.000s(11) 0/0m0.000s(8) (36)
5th Matt Grimmond 9/3m18.454s(13) 15/5m12.212s(10) 13/5m5.986s(12) 15/5m25.411s(6) 14/5m11.072s(5) (46)
6th Rick Stain 14/ 5m19.592s(6) 4/ 1m35.538s (8) 0/0m0.000s(15) 0/0m0.000s(11) 0/0m0.000s(8) (48)
6th Tas Papas 0/0m0.000s(15) 14/ 5m 1.056s(11) 15/ 5m18.184s(9) 16/ 5m18.215s (8) 0/0m0.000s(8) (51)
6th Kym Goodridge 13/ 5m 4.148s (7) 14/ 5m 4.544s(12) 0/ 0m 4.109s (15) 0/0m0.000s(11) 0/0m0.000s(8) (53)
6th Danny Bains 14/ 5m20.749s(11)
14/ 5m12.524s (13) 14/ 5m13.538s(11) 0/0m0.000s(11) 0/0m0.000s(8) (54)
8th Kon Rozaklis 7/2m38.837s(14) 2/0m53.958s(15) 14/5m7.669s(10) 14/5m0.563s(9) 8/3m0.845s(7) (55)
9th Damon Perry 13/5m15.432s(12) 12/5m14.348s(14) 8/3m34.113s(14) 8/3m28.416s(10) 0/0m0.000s(8) (58)
10th James Eming 0/0m0.000s(15) 0/0m5.055s(16) 12/5m15.871s(13) 6/2m34.573s(11) 11/4m27.868s(6) (61)
4WD ShortCourse
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Combined
1st Kon Rozaklis 14/5m11.909s(1) 14/5m9.183s(2) 13/5m2.248s(2) 14/5m25.050s(2) 14/5m9.526s(1) (8)
2nd Steve Young 14/5m18.191s(2) 14/5m4.459s(1) 14/5m0.818s(1) 14/5m8.295s(1) 0/0m0.000s(2) (8) -1
3rd Terry Squiers 13/5m0.977s(3) 14/5m16.939s(3) 13/5m8.699s(3) 13/5m3.332s(3) 0/0m0.000s(2) (15) -1
Stadium Truck
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Combined
1st Daniel Kies 14/5m19.303s(1) 14/5m13.864s(1) 13/5m7.411s(1) 13/5m1.733s(1) (4)
2nd Dave Gray 13/ 5m11.199s(2) 13/ 5m 9.453s(2) 13/ 5m11.362s(2) 0/ 0m 0.000s (4) (10)
3rd Brynn Evans DNS(4) DNS(4) 12/5m4.497s(3) 11/5m8.519s(2) (13)
4th Danny Bains 13/ 5m22.134s(3) 9/ 3m28.582s(3) 11/ 5m22.336s (4) 0/ 0m 0.000s (4) (14)
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Combined
1st Cameron Nuske 10/5m10.272s(4) 12/5m19.782s(1) 11/5m14.118s(2) 11/5m14.961s(2) (9)
2nd Deagan Gray 11/5m12.437s(1) 11/5m24.788s(3) 12/5m17.850s(1) 0/0m0.000s(8) (13)
3rd Austin Morris 11/5m20.653s(2) 11/5m0.926s(2) 0/0m0.000s(8) 12/5m20.961s(1) (13)
4th Megan Young 10/5m2.956s(3) 10/5m3.242s(4) 10/5m8.446s(3) 10/4m38.275s(3) (14)
5th Mathew Mertin 10/5m22.104s(5) 10/5m23.404s(5) 7/4m17.291s(5) 0/0m0.000s(8) (24)
6th Bailey Eming DNS(8) 0/0m0.000s(8) 8/5m3.876s(4) 7/5m13.338s(4) (24)
7th Mikayla Carr 7/5m25.074s(6) 9/5m19.388s(6) 0/0m0.000s(8) 0/0m0.000s(8) (28)
8th Hudson Tonero 0/0m0.000s(8) 0/0m0.000s(8) 0/0m0.000s(8) 0/0m0.000s(8) (32)

Full Allycat results here