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ARCR 2014 Round 4

We managed to luck out with the weather and have nice day. The track had recieved quite a large amount of rain in the previous weeks but was in surprising shape.

Initial runs were a little slippery but as the day wore one, so did the groove. Tire wear seemed to be low and the racing was good. The double double seemed to be still a source of crashes, but in a much less dangerous way. Finals saw people still attempting to win on the first corner resulting in pileups, but after the pack thinned out, it returned to good racing.

Thanks to all who helped out with the track maintenance (both blower vacs and watering).

Racing was a 3 qualifiers and 3 mains.

Results follow

Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3 Combined
1st Deagan Gray (TQ) 9/5m16.056s 9/5m17.259s 10/5m24.607s 9/5m8.124s(1) 9/5m7.510s(1) 9/5m11.817s(1)* 2
2nd Megan Young (Q2) 8/5m23.481s 7/5m36.657s 8/5m10.687s 9/5m29.010s(2) 8/5m20.222s(2) 7/5m4.174s(4)* 4
3rd Layla Wigzell (Q3) 5/4m31.739s 7/5m2.122s 8/5m28.166s 7/5m6.681s(3)* 8/5m35.125s(3) 7/4m56.382s(3) 6
4th Austin Hunt (Q5) 3/5m11.182s 7/5m26.713s 6/5m5.154s 3/2m6.435s(5)* 6/4m53.677s(5) 7/4m35.753s(2) 7
5th Josh Troncone (Q4) 6/5m9.322s 6/5m34.564s 7/5m17.092s 7/5m20.710s(4) 7/5m34.754s(4) 7/5m27.599s(5)* 8
6th Ethan Brown (Q6) DNS 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s(6) 0/0m0.000s(6) 0/0m0.000s(6)* 12
*result dropped  
2WD Buggy C
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3 Combined
1st Michael Carr (Q21) 0/0m0.000s 9/5m21.113s 10/5m27.247s 10/5m16.030s(1) 10/5m27.919s(1) 0/0m0.000s(6)* 2
2nd Rick Tuohy (Q22) 1/0m47.157s 9/5m21.340s 9/5m5.430s 9/5m20.955s(2) 8/5m2.081s(2)* 9/5m8.547s(1) 3
3rd Reece Schaefer (Q23) 1/0m49.702s 8/5m37.429s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m6.849s(6)* 0/0m0.000s(6) 0/0m0.000s(6) 12
4th Trevor May (Q24) 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s(6) 0/0m0.000s(6) 0/0m0.000s(6)* 12
5th Luciano Puopolo (Q25) 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s(6) 0/0m0.000s(6) 0/0m0.000s(6)* 12
*result dropped  
2WD Buggy B
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3 Combined
1st Mark Lahif (Q13) 10/5m31.318s 10/5m9.359s 11/5m21.708s 11/5m14.534s(1) 11/5m27.283s(2)* 11/5m21.279s(2) 3
2nd Michael Ellis (Q12) 10/5m17.366s 11/5m22.291s 11/5m21.291s 11/5m30.856s(3)* 11/5m27.608s(3) 11/5m15.200s(1) 4
3rd Phillip Neville (Q11) 11/5m26.500s 11/5m20.157s 10/5m6.927s 10/5m4.455s(5)* 11/5m15.137s(1) 11/5m26.785s(3) 4
4th Anthony Viviani (Q17) 9/5m17.250s 10/5m11.084s 10/5m19.988s 10/5m1.319s(4) 10/5m9.071s(5)* 10/5m0.217s(4) 8
5th Marco Cianfrone (Q15) 8/5m14.773s 10/5m11.931s 10/5m4.922s 11/5m29.563s(2) 10/5m15.915s(6) 9/5m1.657s(9)* 8
6th Mark Thomas (Q19) 9/5m14.330s 10/5m15.867s 10/5m19.114s 10/5m20.588s(7)* 10/5m4.955s(4) 10/5m6.851s(5) 9
7th Ben Hunt (Q16) 9/5m7.688s 10/5m16.251s 10/5m5.610s 10/5m28.561s(8)* 10/5m24.613s(7) 10/5m7.417s(6) 13
8th Matt Grimmond (Q14) 10/5m26.387s 11/5m33.896s 10/5m12.840s 10/5m6.008s(6) 10/5m28.977s(8)* 10/5m23.805s(8) 14
9th Jeff Kirby (Q20) 0/0m0.000s 9/5m35.178s 10/5m25.502s 9/5m10.209s(9) 5/4m59.955s(9)* 10/5m18.484s(7) 16
10th Dave Uren (Q18) 9/5m12.655s 10/5m11.476s 10/5m19.179s 1/0m42.997s(10)* 3/1m51.706s(10) 9/5m6.336s(10) 20
*result dropped  
2WD Buggy A
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3 Combined
1st Adrian Browne (TQ) 4/1m56.115s 11/5m1.612s 11/5m15.787s 12/5m24.778s(1) 12/5m19.976s(1) 11/5m10.600s(3)* 2
2nd Andrew Gillespie (Q2) 11/5m17.551s 9/4m8.527s 11/5m2.299s 11/5m3.629s(2) 11/5m7.173s(3)* 11/5m8.788s(2) 4
3rd Chris P (Q6) 11/5m16.926s 11/5m14.475s 9/4m6.059s 11/5m9.614s(3) 11/5m18.643s(5)* 11/5m5.089s(1) 4
4th Jack McMillan (Q5) 10/5m15.604s 11/5m28.595s 11/5m11.871s 11/5m13.997s(4) 11/5m5.946s(2) 11/5m26.629s(5)* 6
5th Sean Perry (Q9) 11/5m30.649s 6/2m48.016s 11/5m18.798s 11/5m20.671s(6)* 11/5m14.130s(4) 11/5m17.036s(4) 8
6th Chris Olsen (Q10) 11/5m26.686s 10/5m16.606s 11/5m19.428s 11/5m16.089s(5) 11/5m21.671s(6) 10/5m15.384s(9)* 11
7th Matt Schneider (Q4) 10/5m8.175s 11/5m13.500s 11/5m6.208s 10/5m1.099s(7) 10/5m0.444s(8)* 11/5m30.292s(6) 13
8th Casey Troncone (Q7) 10/5m23.051s 10/5m16.279s 11/5m16.401s 10/5m7.581s(8) 9/5m3.301s(10)* 10/5m12.671s(7) 15
9th Benzaah (Q3) 10/5m26.696s 10/5m15.528s 11/5m4.168s 10/5m19.741s(9)* 10/5m7.572s(9) 10/5m13.232s(8) 17
10th Kon Rozaklis (Q8) 10/5m22.368s 11/5m33.462s 11/5m17.205s 10/5m21.007s(10)* 11/5m24.598s(7) 10/5m18.985s(10) 17
*result dropped  
4WD Buggy B
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3 Combined
1st Symo (Q11) 10/5m9.890s 8/3m59.817s 10/4m50.831s 11/5m3.597s(1) 11/5m18.238s(1)* 11/5m2.295s(1) 2
2nd Ben Hunt (Q12) 9/5m18.367s 10/5m10.135s 10/5m4.665s 10/5m6.312s(2)* 10/5m1.714s(2) 11/5m24.337s(2) 4
3rd Rick Stain (Q13) 10/5m16.048s 9/5m0.243s 10/5m10.331s 10/5m13.967s(4)* 10/5m3.529s(3) 10/5m13.306s(4) 7
4th Damon Perry (Q17) 9/5m48.376s 8/5m23.259s 7/5m17.362s 10/5m26.754s(5) 9/5m23.869s(7)* 11/5m26.396s(3) 8
5th Danny Baines (Q14) 9/4m59.123s 10/5m18.303s 10/5m23.895s 10/5m11.373s(3) 2/1m20.287s(8)* 10/5m17.442s(5) 8
6th James Clift (Q18) 0/0m0.000s 7/4m13.896s 0/0m0.000s 9/5m8.222s(7)* 10/5m30.770s(4) 10/5m31.316s(6) 10
7th Sean Robinson (Q16) 9/5m6.295s 10/5m25.133s 10/5m24.278s 10/5m27.241s(6) 10/5m33.572s(5) 0/0m0.000s(8)* 11
8th David Randall (Q15) 9/5m6.209s 10/5m21.348s 9/5m2.140s 9/5m13.668s(8)* 9/5m12.585s(6) 9/5m8.548s(7) 13
*result dropped  
4WD Buggy A
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3 Combined
1st Chris P (TQ) 12/5m17.087s 9/3m48.865s 12/5m2.536s 12/5m8.194s(1) 12/5m9.564s(1)* 13/5m25.061s(1) 2
2nd Marco Cianfrone (Q3) 12/5m21.257s 12/5m20.669s 12/5m6.419s 12/5m18.358s(2) 12/5m29.724s(4) 11/5m3.143s(5)* 6
3rd Phillip Neville (Q7) 8/5m1.438s 11/5m2.248s 11/5m6.582s 11/5m5.383s(4) 11/5m0.143s(5)* 12/5m14.043s(2) 6
4th Troy McGuire (Q8) 0/0m0.000s 11/5m13.903s 2/0m50.780s 11/5m14.585s(6) 12/5m26.056s(2) 10/5m5.323s(7)* 8
5th Casey Troncone (Q4) 6/2m44.962s 11/5m3.932s 12/5m17.463s 11/5m2.840s(3) 11/5m9.894s(7)* 10/5m2.712s(6) 9
6th Sean Perry (Q2) 11/5m10.228s 12/5m3.638s 12/5m5.665s 11/5m7.052s(5) 10/4m49.379s(9)* 12/5m20.149s(4) 9
7th Paul Martin (Q5) 12/5m31.346s 11/4m58.632s 12/5m23.734s 11/5m20.252s(9)* 11/5m12.029s(8) 12/5m18.545s(3) 11
8th Matt Schneider (Q6) 11/5m28.668s 11/5m0.606s 11/5m5.784s 11/5m16.939s(8) 12/5m29.127s(3) 0/0m5.240s(10)* 11
9th Michael Carr (Q9) 0/0m0.000s 10/5m1.860s 11/5m16.579s 10/5m22.620s(10) 11/5m7.697s(6) 0/0m0.000s(10)* 16
10th Dave Gray (Q10) 7/3m26.020s 10/5m15.712s 10/4m34.067s 11/5m15.634s(7) 3/1m39.086s(10) 0/0m0.000s(10)* 17
*result dropped  
4WD ShortCourse
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3 Combined
1st RJ (TQ) 11/5m10.620s 12/5m8.882s 12/5m13.444s 12/5m15.626s(1) 11/5m2.964s(1) 0/0m0.000s(10)* 2
2nd SH (Q2) 10/5m2.699s 11/5m7.567s 11/5m16.877s 11/5m5.551s(2) 11/5m24.950s(5)* 11/5m19.822s(1) 3
3rd Kon Rozaklis (Q5) 10/5m0.113s 0/0m0.000s 11/5m27.626s 10/5m6.335s(6)* 11/5m7.536s(2) 11/5m25.025s(2) 4
4th Steve Young (Q3) 11/5m11.144s 11/5m29.451s 11/5m20.846s 11/5m17.422s(3) 11/5m18.557s(3) 10/5m9.788s(4)* 6
5th Mark Thomas (Q7) 6/3m5.165s 10/5m26.590s 10/5m16.372s 11/5m32.246s(5) 10/5m16.525s(6)* 11/5m27.863s(3) 8
6th Paul Martin (Q6) 0/0m0.000s 10/5m12.406s 10/5m3.226s 11/5m22.753s(4) 11/5m22.041s(4) 9/5m33.794s(7)* 8
7th Rick Stain (Q8) 10/5m28.024s 10/5m24.941s 10/5m28.988s 0/0m0.000s(10)* 9/5m8.534s(7) 10/5m14.531s(5) 12
8th Steve Dunn (Q9) 8/5m20.563s 8/5m16.973s 9/5m27.268s 9/5m14.266s(7) 9/5m12.588s(8)* 9/5m26.797s(6) 13
9th Eric (Q10) DNS 0/0m0.000s 7/5m42.003s 8/5m36.850s(8) 8/5m32.518s(9)* 8/5m47.426s(8) 16
10th Dave Gray (Q4) 11/5m15.914s 2/0m59.273s 10/5m8.940s 0/0m4.759s(10)* 0/0m0.000s(10) 0/0m0.000s(10) 20
*result dropped  
Stadium Truck B
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3 Combined
1st Steve Young (Q11) 9/5m19.295s 10/5m26.934s 9/5m12.692s 8/5m28.353s(3)* 11/5m15.656s(1) 10/5m1.286s(1) 2
2nd Henry Williams (Q12) 9/5m11.767s 10/5m35.831s 4/2m7.576s 10/5m16.670s(1) 10/5m11.675s(2)* 10/5m4.188s(2) 3
3rd Mia Yudkin (Q13) 0/0m0.000s 8/5m33.491s 8/5m13.551s 8/5m21.034s(2) 6/3m46.861s(3) 0/0m0.000s(4)* 5
*result dropped  
Stadium Truck A
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3 Combined
1st RJ (TQ) 11/5m18.480s 11/5m9.664s 12/5m20.282s 12/5m21.731s(1) 11/5m1.427s(1) 0/0m0.000s(10)* 2
2nd Adrian Browne (Q2) 11/5m12.704s 11/5m2.217s 12/5m20.512s 12/5m27.175s(2) 11/5m18.311s(2)* 11/5m17.689s(1) 3
3rd Daniel Kies (Q4) 11/5m25.828s 11/5m20.429s 10/5m9.588s 4/2m4.059s(10)* 11/5m19.221s(3) 11/5m26.613s(2) 5
4th Mark Lahif (Q3) 10/5m14.949s 11/5m10.133s 11/5m3.676s 10/5m12.745s(4)* 11/5m22.389s(4) 10/5m6.360s(4) 8
5th Symo (Q6) 10/5m10.199s 10/5m6.585s 10/5m11.713s 10/5m24.356s(6) 4/2m8.658s(10)* 10/5m4.020s(3) 9
6th Paul Martin (Q5) 8/5m23.788s 0/0m0.000s 11/5m29.026s 10/5m13.751s(5) 11/5m25.748s(5) 10/5m20.390s(5)* 10
7th Danny Baines (Q8) 10/5m19.233s 10/5m17.542s 9/5m13.719s 10/5m7.003s(3) 9/5m7.915s(7)* 10/5m32.879s(7) 10
8th Jeff Kirby (Q9) 9/5m0.299s 9/5m5.901s 10/5m22.235s 10/5m28.156s(7) 9/5m11.971s(8)* 10/5m26.490s(6) 13
9th Dave Uren (Q7) 10/5m22.370s 10/5m15.525s 10/5m25.576s 9/5m10.490s(8)* 9/5m7.513s(6) 9/5m4.847s(8) 14
10th Sean Robinson (Q10) 9/5m24.430s 10/5m26.297s 9/5m25.342s 9/5m36.139s(9) 8/5m4.618s(9) 0/0m0.000s(10)* 18
*result dropped
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