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ARCR 2014 Winter Round 2

Finally we had a race day after a long break of wet winter weather. A lower than normal crew turned up, but with the new stock classes in play and a faster turn around between races, there was definitely not a lack of fun racing.

We also had time to finally give away trophies from last Season.

Results follow


Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Michael Carr (TQ) 10/5m10.030s 11/5m34.271s 11/5m12.626s 11/5m15.905s(1) 11/5m10.731s(1) 2
2nd Mark Thomas (Q2) 10/5m12.348s 11/5m18.074s 11/5m18.893s 10/5m2.210s(2) 11/5m13.891s(2) 4
3rd Danny Baines (Q3) 10/5m0.535s 10/5m4.130s 11/5m30.271s 10/5m6.978s(5) 11/5m25.480s(3) 8
4th Steve Wesley (Q7) 10/5m20.620s 10/5m17.368s 10/5m8.698s 10/5m2.780s(3) 10/5m7.286s(6) 9
5th Travis Bull (Q4) 10/5m15.760s 10/4m56.981s 10/5m14.482s 10/5m3.511s(4) 10/5m2.968s(5) 9
6th James Clift (Q5) 10/5m14.710s 5/2m39.764s 10/5m0.827s 10/5m9.910s(6) 11/5m29.538s(4) 10
7th Dave Uren (Q6) 10/5m8.088s 0/0m0.000s 10/5m6.976s 0/0m0.000s(8) 10/5m29.870s(7) 15
8th Mia Yudkin (Q8) 9/5m31.055s 8/4m49.135s 9/5m20.848s 9/5m19.967s(7) 8/5m15.291s(8) 15
Full Allycat results here