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ARCR 2014 Winter Round 6

With minimal wind, gentle sun another great day of racing was had. The atmosphere was relaxed and racing was great.

We event had one of our drivers tear a calf muscle as he dashed valiantly to marshal a car (well done Dave Gray!)

With quite a few committe members absent it was great to see how many people helped out setting up and packing up, keep it up guys!

Congratulations go to Matt Grimmond and his wife on the delivery of their son, which sadly meant he was absent. We had some great racing on his behalf in the 4WD buggy stock class. Numbers were down on the 2WD Buggy mod class ( plenty in the stock class :) ) so we ran the two drivers in with the 4WD stockers and it proved a great match.

For those drivers who like to analyse the days racing, I've added a excel export of the raw lap data from alycat. Link is below with the normal alycat results.

Results follow


Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Dave Gray (TQ) 11/5m16.891s 11/5m18.087s 1/0m32.504s 11/5m12.023s(1) 11/5m7.718s(1) 2
2nd Mark Thomas (Q2) 10/5m25.674s 10/5m12.228s 11/5m27.881s 10/5m1.093s(2) 10/5m4.417s(2) 4
3rd Dave Uren (Q3) 10/5m12.290s 10/5m10.810s 11/5m30.311s 10/5m3.973s(3) 10/5m10.106s(3) 6
4th Ben Hunt (Q4) 10/5m22.487s 10/5m18.502s 3/1m29.779s 10/5m26.095s(4) 10/5m29.526s(4) 8
5th Sean Robinson (Q5) 10/5m31.314s 9/5m5.265s 10/5m14.638s 9/5m9.386s(5) 9/5m11.863s(5) 10
6th Mark Collins (Q6) 7/5m28.386s 9/5m32.501s 4/2m39.364s 8/5m19.662s(6) 6/3m46.514s(6) 12
Full Allycat results here
Race Raw Laps extract