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ARCR 2014 Winter Round 10

Well folks, its been a wild ride this year. This our final race day did not disapoint. Good weather ( although a little on the hot side) provided good grip on the track, with mild tire wear as too be expected.

Once again we saw a rare sight as Father and son of the Wigzell clan did battle on the track, with a ring in (Travis Bull) driving the Wigzel colours also. Rick and Jeff were the independants but everyone was having a great friendly time in the 4WD SCT (bumper!) class. We all wish the Wigzell clan the best in the coming year!

All classes had driver numbers to run and run they did. The few classes where the championship was yet to be decided provided some tense moments (on and off the drivers stand as Jack's Dad can attest to). Congratulations to our winners and see you next year for more amazing racing!

Full championship standings can be found here

Race Results follow


Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Dave Gray (TQ) 11/5m12.472s 11/5m7.937s 11/5m7.688s 11/5m14.813s(1) 11/5m15.333s(1) 2
2nd Phillip Neville (Q4) 0/0m0.000s 11/5m26.057s 4/5m25.225s 10/5m2.296s(2) 10/5m24.327s(2) 4
3rd Bevan Richards (Q3) 9/5m3.835s 9/5m1.536s 10/5m18.965s 10/5m32.544s(4) 10/5m29.341s(3) 7
4th Ben Hunt (Q2) 10/5m25.581s 10/5m15.079s 10/5m20.017s 10/5m27.700s(3) 0/0m5.290s(5) 8
5th Mark Collins (Q5) 9/5m22.048s 8/5m23.451s 8/5m19.001s 8/5m17.295s(5) 8/5m12.083s(4) 9
Full Allycat results here
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