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ARCR 2015 Championship Round 14

Good numbers turned out for a reasonably warm but windy day. Track conditions were good, especially considering the watering situation which should hopefully now be solved.

Given the numbers we had we ran mixed classes and three finals (only two counting for the championship points)

This was the final points round for Stadium truck and the first two rounds provided some great racing in that class. Then all the cars fell apart. Ok, just Jeff's.

Give the buggy classes were merged, the TQ and placing labels are off, but Positions are correct.


Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3 Combined
1st Phillip Neville (TQ) 11/5m11.751s 12/5m25.521s 12/5m19.217s 11/5m4.088s(1)* 12/5m22.521s(1) 11/5m0.388s(1) 2
2nd Sam Petts (Q3) 10/5m8.400s 10/5m2.773s 10/5m4.855s 11/5m31.988s(2) 10/5m7.955s(2)* 11/5m26.614s(2) 4
3rd Travis Bull (Q2) 11/5m11.028s 11/5m3.040s 11/5m2.809s 10/5m12.860s(3) 10/5m21.491s(3)* 10/5m5.058s(3) 6
4th Mark Collins (Q4) 10/5m3.215s 9/5m14.812s 9/5m5.619s 7/3m50.601s(4)* 9/5m11.371s(4) 10/5m27.471s(4) 8
Full Allycat results here