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Summer Championship 2016 Round 2

Given our rules about cutting down from 3 two 2 finals when in daylight savings and group numbers, mother nature was very gratious to us allowing only the mildest showers until we'd run our two final rounds. Then it poured cats dogs.

The track was changed again from last meeting, hopefully the last before the State titles later this month. It all seemed to work well and the surface held up well.


Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Combined
1st Sam Petts (TQ) M 9/5m15.490s 9/5m4.266s 9/5m0.607s 10/5m38.061s(1) 9/5m15.726s(2) 3
2nd Phil Karran (Q3) M 9/5m26.908s 9/5m27.070s 9/5m10.916s 9/5m30.712s(3) 9/5m8.821s(1) 4
3rd Jeff Kirby (Q2) M 0/0m0.000s 9/5m13.336s 9/5m8.668s 9/5m10.518s(2) 8/4m26.370s(3) 5
4th Shaun Rawlings (Q4) 9/5m38.879s 8/5m35.484s 9/5m21.228s 9/5m39.432s(4) 8/5m12.205s(4) 8
5th Mark Collins (Q5) M 7/5m14.226s 7/5m8.214s 0/0m0.000s 8/5m41.451s(5) 8/5m22.210s(5) 10
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