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Winter Championship 2017 Round 2

The sun came out and we went racing, a great day for all.


Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main Leg 1 Main Leg 2 Main Leg 3
1st Sam Petts (Q2) M 9/5m21.152s 9/5m1.887s 10/5m16.594s 10/5m23.620s(10) 10/5m20.344s(10) 20
2nd Phil Karran (Q3) M 9/5m0.000s 9/5m18.732s 9/5m17.698s 9/5m27.907s(8) 10/5m24.855s(8) 16
3rd Jeff Kirby (TQ) M 10/5m33.820s 9/5m1.178s 10/5m24.602s 9/5m20.848s(6) 10/5m24.998s(9) 15
4th Nick Cavender (Q4) M 9/5m5.850s 9/5m17.489s 9/5m0.747s 10/5m27.279s(9) 9/5m16.534s(6) 15
5th David Edmunds (Q6) V 9/5m22.311s 8/5m25.884s 2/1m4.172s 9/5m8.888s(7) 9/5m10.158s(7) 14
6th Jayden Edmunds (Q7) V 8/5m19.184s 8/5m3.281s 7/4m19.137s 8/5m5.382s(5) 9/5m34.407s(5) 10
7th Mark Ruta (Q8) M 7/5m42.081s 7/5m18.066s 8/5m32.212s 8/5m20.086s(4) 8/5m16.728s(4) 8
8th Bradley Samarcq (Q5) V 8/5m8.576s 9/5m22.429s 8/5m2.214s 1/0m47.354s(3) 0/0m0.000s(3) 6
Full Allycat results here