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State Titles - Feb 15,16,17
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*Please supply one or both of email and Phone number to maximize ability to contact you

Class Entry

First Class $35, subsequent Classes $25

Class Rules Entering Transponder
Entry Fee : $

*If you don't know the transponder number you are using on the day at this stage, put in seven 0 digits.

Control Tire Order

Type Specification Cost Quantity
Sweep Tendroid Blue with closed cell ( SW-101BC ) $19
Sweep Tendroid Blue with closed cell ( SW-101BC ) free
Sweep Tendroid Blue with closed cell ( SW-101FBC ) $19
AKA Crosslinks Soft long wear with insert 13404XR $27
AKA Chainlinks Soft Long Wear with insert 13022XR $27
Tyres Total

*Note Junior Stock drivers will receive one pair of free tires subsidised by ARCR

Payment Details

Direct deposit to ARCR’s bank account

Adelaide radio controlled raceway inc
BSB - 805-007
Num - 8005782
Please include NAT18 and your name as reference for your payment

Payment Summary

Entries $
Tyres $
Grand total $

By submitting my entry I agree that I have read and agree to abide by the AARCMCC Code of Conduct for this event.