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Membership and Forms

The club's 2018-2019 Constituion is also availabe here
For Proxy voting at the club AGM in January, this proxy for can be used
Membership Application form.
NOTE : Our club requires a physical membership form and for it to have current member signatures on it.
Please feel free to fill the top part in however and bring it along to a race meet.


As an AARCMCC affliated club we try to abide by their rules as much as is possible. Take a good look at their code of conduct here. Obviously we're not racing for 'sheep stations' so we are a more relaxed but the idea is the same. Have fun but not at the cost of other's fun.

We race under ( for the most part ) RCRA EP Offroad rules. These are a good start to working things work. Or just as us.'

The club also has our own guidelines which are to be adheared to by all members. Please make sure to read these well


Our track is fitted with the latest from MYLAPS, an RC4 system. This means you can run any genuine MyLaps transponder, but any clone (eg MRT PTX) will not work. The best transponder to get is one of the RC4 types, either a RC4Pure or a RC4Hybrid ( especially if you want to run on tracks with older systems).

Racing uses a combined result system. Normally we run 3 qualifiers and 2 finals. Finals positions are calculated best 2 of 3 Qualifiers.

Tie Breaks are assigned as follows
In Qualifying - Fastest Qualifier
In Finals - AARCMCC Tie Break


In order for racing to go smoothly, drivers require marshalls to be available around the track to flip over or grab a broken vehicle. Each driver who drives must then marshal for the following race. Marshals must be able bodied, meaning running, bending down and jumping. If this is not possible, a substitute marshal must be used (the driver must provide or contact race control for assistance) Allowances will be made for back to back drivers, but race control must be made aware of this.
The first set of marshals shall be from the last class run. Novice marshals are parents and volunteers. Novice drivers do not marshal finals and if they are going to marshal a qualifier race, they must be attended by their parents.

After a race has finished all drives must place their car on the provided table inside the track and then proceed to marshal. Do not leave the track unless track maintenance is being done. Failure to have a car on the table or be at a marshal point before the 30 seconds warning is called will result in the loss of the best race of the current segment ( Qualifiers or Finals).


As with all racing clubs, reverse is to be disabled on all main classes. If you are caught with it on, we'll tell you to turn it off and go from there if you repeat. If you don't know how to turn it off, let one of our officials or fellow racers know and we'll find a way. The ARCR timing laptop has most brands of ESC programmers and a few program cards.


Specific information can be found on our classes page.


The Novice class is for kids and drivers who can't make 10 or so laps in the 5 mintues or are unsure of their skill. It is an unrestricted class but as the drivers are inexperienced, we expect the parents of the drivers to make sure their cars are up to scratch and appropriatly powered. Having a 5 year old running a 4WD Shortcourse at full tilt is quite dangerous for everyone involved.
This is also the only class in which reverse is allowed. These drivers are learning and are likely to get into tight spots.
Marshalls for this race should be the parents of the children or other appropriate personell.

From 2016 onwards we will be running two classes in one here. The normal 'run anything' for beginners and young kids as well as an under 15 'Junior' stock 2wd buggy class. This class will run the same rules as the 2WD Stock buggy class and will be where the Novice points will be awarded.