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ARCR is Adelaide's 1/10 electric offroad race track

We have race meets fortnightly on an Outdoor oiled clay track at Mitchell Park. We are part of the new exciting Mitchell Park Community Centre Complex in a beautiful shaded area of the park.

Timed racing
MyLaps RC4 lap timing
Open Practice
If the track is safe to use, practice is open every day
Friendly and helpful
Got a problem? Ask one of our enthusiastic members!
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Feel like giving it a go

The track is open for practice so when you have time, charge up your batteries and pop down for some practice. If its closed, we'll let you know here.

You can join us on race days to see what its all about, there is plenty to see on and off the track.

If you're ready to get into the racing, come along and enjoy the fun!

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What's happening and when

As is customary at big events, the track will be closed from the 18th until the start of practice on Friday the 24th of Feb

Its getting real now. Entries have closed.

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Practice Day - Committee Away (Mallee Maddness 15 in Mildura)
Club Racing
Club Racing
Club Racing
Club Racing

Every fortnight on Saturdays

Weather permitting, we race on Saturdays from around 8:30 to 4:30 depending on numbers of racers

Initial round is Qualifying against the clock

Finals rounds are heads up against each other

All RCRA Classes (dependant on numbers)

Enter Racing

Up coming Events

NathoBuilds RawSpeed SA State Titles

Trophy Events

Every year we host 2 special race days with Trophies on the line.

State Title 3 day event in Feb

Offroaderfest in October

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Learning to drive or tuning your car

In order to support our club and promote improvement in their skills, our track is available to practice nearly all the time.

Sometimes we have to close it due to track maintenance or inclement weather where safety is a concern.

New drivers, non-members and members alike are welcome to come down to the track and have a go. We try to keep the track as safe as possible and ask that only 1/10 electric cars are used to reduce damage to the track.

Come on Down

10 years of racing at Mitchell Park

We've been here for a while now and are only too happy to have new drivers come along and enjoy the sport we already do.

If you're thinking of coming along

Get advice on the right cars/parts

Set your car up for our track

Run the correct tyres

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