Cars or 'Chassis'

As a 1/10 scale racing club, you need to have a 1/10 scale car to race with us. There are plenty of options available, some more reliable than others.

All Chassis can be ran as either Mod or Stock but weight does matter in the stock classes!

Racing Brands

  • Team Associated
  • Team Losi Racing (TLR)
  • Team Xray
  • Schumacher
  • Kyosho
  • PR Racing

Download RCRA Off Road Rules

Junior and Novice

Junior Stock is a 2wd buggy class for racers under 16 running the same rules Stock rules as the normal 2wd Stock Buggy class.

This class is raced a club level and at state titles and provides a great stepping stone from novice to race while allowing under 16s to race with each other.
2wd is a great starting place for youngers to get into racing and get used to racing together.

Novice is an 'almost' race what you bring class for racers who've never raced or are not at the 'racer' stage yet. Obviously we try and make sure appropriate cars are being used so safety and enjoyment go hand in hand. Beginners starting here race with what ever race car they have to get the hang of driving before they get into the thick of racing at full speed.
We encourage parents to appropriately turn down their cars speed for the younger racers until they get the hang of things.

Marshalling for both of these classes (which based on numbers can be run together at the same time) is done by parents and volunteers as some racers are too young to marshal the full race classes safely.

2wd Buggies

2wd Buggies are amoungst the most common car in racing. They are the cheapest, they require the least work to maintain and are great fun. They also teach driving like no other class does and a great place to start.
The junior class is 2wd buggies.

4wd Buggies

4wd Buggies are where the speed really is. Driving with all 4 wheels, these cars tear up the track. Where as 2wd cars only have 1 differential gear, these guys have one at the front and rear with some having one in the middle also. That's a whole lot more moving parts and tuneability.

Stadium Trucks

Stadium trucks are the big brother of buggies. Keeping the tight steering and feel of a buggy but adding much bigger tires making them way more fun. We race the 2wd variant.

Currently Stadium Trucks are using Modified motors

Short Course Trucks

Unlike their Open wheel brethren, Short Course trucks are the biggest car on our roads and they hide their wheels inside a massive body. This makes the Shortcourse the longest, tallest and most likely to run over another car. Short Couse Trucks at sanctioned events need to run a approved 10.5T motor and their electronic speed control needs to be in 'stock' or 'blinky'

Modified or Stock

Once you've decided on a chassis, you then need some electrics to make them go!


Running stock means your car needs to conform to quite a few rules. They are fairly easy to work through however and we've got them all for you here.
Basically, you will need to have an approved motor for the class, 2S (or 7.4v 2 Cell) Lipo batteries, an approved and correctly set up Electronic Speed Controller (or ESC), meet the minimum weight requirements and fit in the width (which all race brand chassis' should).
Learn about stock racing here


Modified or 'Unlimited' class is much less restrictive. You still need race approved 2S batteries, but you can run any turn motor of the standard size (the 540 can). Commonly this means 8.5T,7.5T,6.5T or for the truely dedicated, 5.5T. Be warned, the lower the turn, the more monsterous the power you have to control.