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2024 Ausrab RCRA SA EP 1/10th Off-Road State Championships

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Entries will open on the 17th of November and will close on the 28th of January

The event will be held on the 16th to the 18th of February.

(A minimum of 8 drivers are required to run as a championship class)

  • 2wd 17.5T Junior Stock (Under 16s)
  • 2wd 17.5T Stock
  • 2wd Open Modified
  • 4wd 13.5T Stock
  • 4wd Open Modified
  • 2wd Stadium Truck
  • 2wd Short Course
  • 2wd Vintage (demonstration)
  • 4wd Vintage (demonstration)

This is a RCRA sanctioned event, RCRA rules will apply. You must be a financial member of an RCRA EP Off-Road affiliated Club to compete.

Control Tyres 

Metro Hobbies is supplying the tyres to the club and the club has an initial allocation of 50 4wd buggy front and 150 rears (both with foams) stocked locally in Adelaide for pickup. Truck tires are to be ordered. Tyres will be purchased as part of your entry to the states. MetroHobbies will have minimal supply on their website and we will be ordering several times before the event. Get your entries in and paid asap and we will be able to have your orders confirmed and recieved. We will only include tyre in our orders when the total is paid. Pickup will be available in advance of the event just get in contact with us. We'll be letting people know when orders they are in come in. We may also be able to send allotments to clubs or privately (at your cost) as we get orders in if numbers and demand are there. We are also providing the ability to order front tires if you want to get the Schumacher fronts at the same time.

  • RCRA Tyre limits are as follows (maximums).
      • 2wd Stock and Junior - 3 pairs of rears
      • 2wd Modified - 4 pairs of rears
      • 4wd Stock  - 3 pairs of each front and rear
      • 4wd Mod - 4 pairs for each front and rear
      • Stadium Truck - 4 pairs of rears
      • Short Cource Truck - 3 pairs of rears
      • Non-driven wheels are not limited (2wd fronts etc)
      • All limited wheels will be marked and recorded as per the new RCRA 2023 ruleset
  • 2wd and 4wd Rear Tyre: Schumacher Mezzo Yellow -U6885 with insert U6734 - $24
  • 4wd Front Tyre: Schumacher Cactus Fusion 2 Yellow - U6895 with insert U6733 - $23
  • 2wd Stadium Truck Rear: Schumacher Mini Pin Yellow – U6816 with insert U6541 - $33
  • 2wd Short Course Rear: Schumacher Mini Pin Yellow – U6767 with insert U6772 - $33
  • Vintage - No control tires.

Control tires are only limited for races days Sat & Sunday, practice is open.


Vintage rules

  • Motor
    • 2wd: 21.5 Turn Brushless or equivalent Brushed
    • 4wd: 17.5 Turn Brushless or equivalent Brushed
  • Age Restriction
    • Any Buggy made prior to 2000 is accepted, re-releases are allowed 
  • Modern Updates
    • Quality of life updates (including wings / shocks / Bushes and Bearings) are accepted as we recognise that for some buggies the running of original equipment is not possible. (looking at you PB Mustang)
  • ESC
    • All ESCs must be in Blinky Mode if possible
  • Tyres
    • Open tires and wheels, Carpet tires and 2.2 wheels encouraged



Setup each day from 7:30. We are in a residential area, please keep noise at a minimum early in the mornings.

15th of Feburary : from 5:00-6pm Track Walk. 5:30-8pm Dinner at the Sports club (informal, come and eat at our new bistro facility) 
16th of February: Practice Day - Timing from 9am to 5:30pm. Depending on numbers practice will progress to 5 minute controlled runs (with Juniors runs extra)
17th of February: 2wd day (including juniors & vintage) and Short Course Truck - Drivers Briefing at 8:45am, Racing from 9. Trophies at end of day
18th of February: 4wd day (including vintage) and Stadium Truck - Drivers Briefing at 8:45am, Racing from 9. Trophies at end of day.

Control tire marking will be done at 8am on Sat and Sunday. Bring your cars and tires for that day only. Chassis and tires will be marked and recorded

Cost of Entry
ARCR Requests full payment at the time of entry
•    $50 First Class (per Person)
•    $40 for additional Classes (per Person) or Junior

We have limited tables and chairs for interstate travelers. If you request one chair and table, you will get 1/2 a long table and a chair. All traveler tables and chairs

will be in the same area.

Payment should be made by Bank transfer

ARCR inc
BSB: 805-050
Acc no: 102500909

Use SATitles as the reference to aid us in managing your transaciton.

Late Entry
Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of ARCR and will incur a late fee of $25 per person.

Refunds comply to the RCRA policy and rules (2.8.14) (2.8.15)

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