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This will be first trophy meet on our new Astro surface!

Entries will close on the 23rd of October.

The event will be held on the 28th and 29th of October.


      • 2wd 17.5T Junior Stock (Under 16s)
      • 2wd 17.5T Stock
      • 2wd Open Modified
      • 4wd 13.5T Stock
      • 4wd Open Modified
      • 2wd Stadium Truck
      • 2wd Short Course
      • 2wd Vintage
      • 4wd Vintage

Classes may be merged on the day to manage numbers.

Standard RCRA race format rules and car specifications will apply.

Cost of Entry

ARCR requests full payment at the time of entry

      • $30 First Class (per Person)
      • $25 for additional Classes (per Person)


We have limited tables and chairs for interstate travelers. If you request one chair and table, you will get 1/2 a long table and a chair. All traveler tables and chairs will be in the same area.

Payment should be made by Bank transfer

ARCR inc
BSB: 805-050
Acc no: 102500909

Use ORFVI as the reference to aid us in managing your transaction/registration.

Late Entry
Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of ARCR and will incur a late fee of $15 per person.


Our surface is medium-high (unless it rains, in which case medium) grip lowcut Astro, as such bring your carpet/Astro tires. We have some suggestions here ARCR Tires and in our testing we have yet to find a carpet tire which performs badly. Some have more side bite than others, but all brands have good ones. Feel free to drop us a line or message on FB. We recommend some kind of Schumacher Yellow as standard and a Silver if its going to rain. You will not need more than 1 pair per driving wheel. We understand that stock may be hard to come by, Amain and Schumacher themselves have stock if the local stores don't, and remember most of the tires don't come with the opencell foams to match! JC And Proline however do!

If you don't have pricklies, you can also use dirt pins! M4 holeshots work great as do Rawspeed Mini-pin in our testing.


28th of October: Practice until 11:30, quick lunch, 2 Qualifiers (or more if we have time)
29th of October: Final Qualifier (if not run already) and three rounds of Finals


We are running a pair of fairly open vintage classes. Pre-2000 cars (and re-re), ideally a 21.5t brushless for 2wd and 17.5t Brushless for 4wd, but if you want to enter silver cans, we're not going to stop you. Let's have some fun here. If you want to run modern shocks too, that's fine.


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