While not required to race, paying membership does help keep the lights on and allows us to develop the facility. It also makes you as a RCRA affiliated club member, which gives you insurance should you travel to another affiliated club. Membership also grants you voting rights and the ability to sit on our committee.

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Everyone likes playing with their RC cars and should respectfully interact with each other.
We have a set of guidelines from our ruling body (RCRA) to follow as well as some ARCR specific rules.
Make sure you know what you need to know!

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Our Mitchell Park facility has the latest timing equiptment as well as loud speakers.
Our surface is coming along nicely and provides a very grippy and compettitive race experience for all ages.

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Flipping over a crashed car is an important role every driver must perform.
After you drive, you'll be marshalling the next race. Move straight out to the marshal spots as soon as you can after your race and get amongst the chaos.


In order to race at our track you'll need a MyLaps RC4 transponder in it. Once you register the number at entry with us your times will be recorded.


We currently run the standard 1/10 race classes and groups on Club days and RCRA classes at our State Titles 3 day events.
Each class has its own rules and specifications to watch for when buying or modifying your cars. Buggies or trucks we probably have a class for you.

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