Carpet and Astro tires

Our track is now an Astro surface. You'll need to have tires to match to get the most out of the surface and your tires. Normal Dirt Pin tires should still work but they will wear out faster than those designed for Carpet/Astro. Feel free to use up what you have before buying new tires.

We are recommending Schumacher tires as the standard but you can get similar models from Pro-Line, JConcepts and others. We're looking at Yellow compound as the standard, with Silver as the 'Wet' tire. If you're looking for more life in the tire, there is a Blue compound also but we expect the Yellow to be the go to and have yet to test the blue compound.

We expect the tires to last much longer than our previous tires ever did. In testing, it could be easily half a year for stock drivers. As always, time will tell.

Down the track we will be looking at having stock of tires at the club so you can buy as needed and obviously we'll have more testing as we actually run meets on the new surface. Don't worry if you only have Holeshots, bring em down and have a ball.

Currently Metro Hobbies in Melbourne is a great source for all the tires we're recommending.

2WD Buggy fronts

2WD buggies have a unique wheel and tire on their non-driving fronts. For what ever reason, they are super slim wheels.
It comes in White (U4661), black (U4660) and for those that like bright yellow (U7454).

Note : This does not work on the TLR due to different offsets! you will need to find a TLR specific slim wheel. RawSpeed do make one from our searchings.Alternatively, cut off the outer bead of one of your normal fronts, obviously not ideal.

The matching tire is a Cut Stagger (Schumacher U6770 ). It fits on nice and snug without any foam!

You can conveniently buy it as a pre-mount as well (U6801) for a small price premium. Given these will last a while, its not such a bad idea to get one premount initially, then re-use the wheel as needed. Again, other brands have similar models, so go nuts.

Apparently you can cut/remove the outer bead off your existing 2wd wheels if you don't want to buy a new wheel.

Proline do a similar tire called Wedge Squared (PR8230-103) as well as a Prism z3(PR8278-103)

JConcepts do a Swagger (JC3137-010)

Cut Stagger U6770
Wedge Squared

Mezzo U6888
Cactus Fusion 2 U6895

Recommended 4WD Buggy Fronts

4WD Buggy tires were always a challenge to get correct for your driving style. Mezzo's are the go here for most people. Schumacher U6888 or U6893 for the premount.

This is where it gets a little weird. You might like a bit more stability on jumps and bumps so the wider and hybrid tread of a Cactus Fusion 2 tire might be your thing. Several brands have this type but Schumacher's is U6895, and U6898 for the Premount.

If you're not buying the pre-mount, you'll also need foam inserts. Schumacher recommends U6669 Foam Tyre Inserts.

Alternative 4WD Buggy Fronts

If you can't get the Schumacher or prefer to have Proline or JConcepts there are options for you too! I believe both come with open cell foams in the bag, so that is a bonus. Both brands are slightly higher in price but given how long they should last and availability, it's not a bad option at all.

Proline makes a prism tire, another Hybrid type, or their Pyramid is more like the Mezzo. Z4 is probably the compound here.

JConcepts makes a tire called a Pin Swag 3182-010 which is their hybrid type and the Pin Downs 3182-010 which is their pin type. Pink compound seems to be the common (medium soft).

Note : We're unsure on their 'Wet' compound. Let us know if you do!

JC PinDowns
JC Pin Swag
Proline Pyramid
Proline Prism

Buggy Rears

Both 4WD and 2WD buggies share a similar rear tire. We are recommending the Schumacher Mezzo rear tire (U6885) at this time.

Again, this can be bought as a pre-mount (U6891) on a Schumacher wheel, which will be compatible with Associated, Current Generation TLR as well as Schumacher.

Other tires such as the Cactus (U6838) and Mini Pin 2 (U6606)are also great. Even in the Blue compound for the mini pin.

As before, if you're not buying the pre-mount, you'll also need foam inserts. Schumacher recommends U6734 Foam Tyre Inserts.

Mezzo U6885
Cactus U6838
Mini Pin U6606

Stagger Cut U6708
Mini Spike U6706
Mini pin U6816

Stadium Truck tires

Stadium trucks have a special front just like 2WDs called.Stagger Cut front (U6708).

Sadly there is no Mezzo on the truck as yet, however it seems the Mini Spike (U6706) or Mini Pin (U6816) from Schumacher is the common rear tyre. and like 2WD buggies, they get a unique .
Both front and rear can use the U6541 foam insert.

Short Course Truck

Short Course Trucks have a similar line to the Stadium trucks.
Again its the Mini Spike (U6766) or the Mini Pin (U6767) from Schumacher is the common rear tyre and the Stagger Cut front (U6781).

Both front and rear can use the U6772 foam insert.

Mini Spike U6766
Mini pin U6767
Stagger Cut U6781